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Our production is composed of marsh and aquatic plants, from herbaceous perennials, grasses, bamboo and phormium, tree paeonies, shrubs and more.
In the catalog that you could find in our site you will find a wide assortment of unique plants for your garden or for make your pond.
The aquatic and marsh plants are kinds whose water supply is greatest, suitable to live submerged or floating in the water. And it is also very simple to make a pond in your garden: just dig a deep basin 50-60 cm, covered with a polyethylene or rubber, ground or stop the outer edge and the pond is ready!
Herbaceous perennials are the most extensive range of natural plants, through which you can solve any problem encountering in the implementation of your garden.
In the section on grasses, bamboo and phormium, we have chosen, in the vast amount of existing plants, the most beautiful, most important, the newer, more interesting and more effect tomake your garden unique.
The tree paeonies, finally, are special plants that have become our passion: with large colorful flowers that bloom in spring, appear to be rather rustic, delicate, yet easy to grow, very drought tolerant summer. Able to give an Oriental touch to your garden.


We do not sell to individuals but only to operators in the sector. If you are an operator, you can request our price list in Excel format at our address: fabiotesi@fabiotesi.it